Unlimited Discoveries in the Treasure State

Montana has the unparalleled ability to nurture and revitalize.

There are few things more beautiful than fall leaves on a bright sunny day, unless you are the one holding the rake of course! This year in Bozeman, the variety and depth of colors has been even more incredible than usual and a much welcome distraction. Our days have been warm, the evenings cool, and we can feel the cold days of our most magical season looming. Mother Nature has decided to give residents and visitors who love the Gallatin Valley a reprieve to breath. 

As we begin our inaugural blog series for Cherry Creek Guest House, it is the ideal time to reflect on this one-of-a-kind property and the many upgrades that we have made since purchasing our little piece of paradise in the spring of 2016. We are constantly evolving, often inspired by guest questions or suggestions. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and eclectic lodging experience while preserving the rustic elegance. The spectacular views, thoughtful amenities, and attention to detail have become our hallmarks. Taking a cue from the nature that surrounds us, we work hard to create a space for our guests to rest, relax, and refresh. For those who need to work while visiting, the various workspaces come with an enviable view.

We were inspired to get into the vacation rental business because we love making memories with our families and friends and want to provide the same experience for our visitors. As native Montanans, we know how much there is to explore in this nearly 150,000 square mile state. Diverse topography features over 100 mountain ranges, primarily in the western and southern part of the state with prairie landscape being more common in the central and eastern areas.  Bordered by two national parks, Glacier to the north and Yellowstone to the south (lovely daytrip), Montana attracts nearly 13 million visitors annually.

If it is the rivers that call to you, Bozeman is the ideal place to visit. Not only are we near the confluence of the Gallatin, Jefferson, and Madison Rivers (Headwaters State Park near Three Forks), but the Yellowstone River is nearby as is the “Mighty Mo” aka the Missouri River. In a future blog, we will take a deeper dive into these treasures, including sharing a bit about the history of Lewis and Clark’s journeys through our back yard on the East Gallatin River.

While most of Montana’s lakes are located to the north in Flathead County, we are within an easy daytrip of several bodies of water. Ennis Lake is about 40 miles away near the charming town of Ennis. Canyon Ferry Reservoir is 60 miles away with convenient access near Townsend. Hyalite Reservoir is south of Bozeman in Hyalite Canyon which also features Palisade Falls and wonderful hiking trails. Hebgen Lake is located near Yellowstone Park and offers many entertainment options. Ample recreational equipment rental companies are in the area for paddle boards, kayaks, rafts, bicycles, skis, and just about any other toy visitors may seek out. In fact, Bozeman is home to many guided outdoor experiences which we will feature in a future blog.

If you haven’t yet visited Montana, please put us on your bucket list.  If you have been here already, I’m guessing you barely touched the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended with winter approaching). The opportunities for discovery during your next Montana adventure are unlimited and Cherry Creek Guest House is ready to serve as your home away.

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