Time Will Tell

Fingertip technology at its finest. 

Mr. Fixit got me an Apple Watch for Christmas. What a great gift. His intention was to fuel one of my obsessions. Step tracking. The 10,000 steps-a-day challenge has had my attention for a while now. The problem was that I kept putting down my phone, so I wasn’t getting credit for my steps. We would compare our numbers at the end of the day, and he was always way ahead of me. Lawn mowing and snow blowing will do that for a guy.

What he probably didn’t realize was that buying me this watch would lead to me talking about rings all the time. Not the blingy kind, the kind I must close every day because my new wrist accessory nudges me if I don’t. It’s no fun closing the rings alone so now my gift giver will have to not only walk more but stand more, burn more calories, and get a move on whenever my wrist vibrates.

So naturally I want him to get one of these. He says he wouldn’t wear it but how else can I compare heart rate, blood oxygen, and ECG results with him? I’m fascinated that all if these are now at my fingertips and am thoroughly convinced, he will meld with one of his own in due time.

This isn’t an advertisement, but I’ve got to say, I love technology. In my opinion, it has really simplified and improved our lives. Turning on my kitchen lights with a voice command makes me happy every day. Working is easier. Cooking is easier. Even driving is easier thanks to technology. I can get shopping reminders, listen to the news, discover recipes, find out about this day in history, or hear a joke (which are silly funny) without touching a button. I feel safer with door cameras and digital home sensors. Entertainment has certainly changed for the better and for my fellow Digital Nomads, how about the technology that lets us work from anywhere!? What’s not to love?

What’s incredible is the affordability of these conveniences. When we were our kids’ age, we had to take out personal loans to buy computers. Now I can do almost anything on a watch for a fraction of the cost. 

While not everyone loves technology, one thing is for sure. It’s here to stay. I figure we can either enjoy it or ignore it. I’m choosing to enjoy it. If nothing else, it keeps my mind active trying to figure it all out. And if I can’t figure it out, I’m sure my new watch can help.

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