Drunk Decorating

Yes, that picture would look better on the other wall. 

We’ve all done it. Gotten a little tipsy. Started looking at our home in a new way. Pretty soon we are moving furniture, re-hanging pictures, changing out throw pillows, and accessorizing like professional DIY divas. 

Things just look a little different on a party night when you are a couple of cold ones in. Not that we’re big drinkers, but we do like to relax on the weekends. And since we won’t drink and drive, we drink at home and that leads to … you guessed it, drunk decorating.

Mr. Fixit and I have found that it’s important to have ground rules. No power tools. No ladders. No credit cards (aka on-line orders – you can put it in the cart but don’t “place your order” until the next day). No painting. And nothing that is going to take the rest of the weekend (or longer) to complete. 

We’re not talking about full on renovations here. This is a more subtle thing. This is about fine tuning what is probably already a perfectly perfect room or rooms. Inside or outside – gardens and gathering areas need extra love sometimes too. 

Repurposing is critical during these sessions. If you don’t like something where it is, try it somewhere else. Rugs, tchotchkes (yes, I had to spell-check that word), and even family photos might take on a whole new level of appeal in a different location. 

Decluttering is essential but often difficult as you don’t want to get sucked into that junk drawer and find yourself sorting paperclips and rubber bands an hour later when you could have been focusing on the really important stuff like trying the couch on a different wall. Save the little things for another day. Keep a few boxes handy to stash paperwork and other clutter to be sorted through during a Sunday afternoon football game.

One rule we don’t have is no cleaning. When things start to move around it’s amazing the dust bunnies that surface. Vacuums, even though they disrupt the drunk decorating music, are perfectly fine during these sessions. Encouraged in fact. As are good old fashioned feather dusters. If you don’t have one of those, a simple damp rag does wonders. 

Sometimes the morning after is quite a surprise. Whether it’s the light of day or simply a clearer mind, from time to time some undecorating needs to happen. Especially if the “you know what would look really cool” syndrome reared its ugly head.

Hopefully you and your design partner will wake to a space with a refreshed and appealing look, less dust, and plenty of opportunity for more creative adjustments when the next tipsy décor night rolls around.

The opportunities for your next Montana adventure are unlimited and Cherry Creek Guest House is ready to serve as your home away.

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