Fall in Love with Winter 

Every day is a snow day.

The wet white stuff has returned to the Gallatin Valley. I’m not talking about a skiff; I’m talking several feet requiring daily removal. And it’s only just begun. If you are a snow chaser, this is reason for celebration and probably triggering you to plan a trip to Bozeman – which you should. 

If you need to dig a bit deeper to warm up to this season, it may be time to reconnect with the things to love about winter. The most obvious are the cold weather recreational options. But if hitting the slopes isn’t on your bucket list, there are other choices. 

Whether it’s hot chocolate, preferably with marshmallows and a splash of something adult flavored, or smores roasting over a bonfire (wrap up in a blanket and take in the stars), there are many ways to enjoy the transition into our chilly 4th season. 

Don’t like ice skating? Bundle up and hit the rinks as a spectator – even from the safety of the benches, skating brings on the spirit of the season. Bozeman is home to the Icedogs, a junior ice hockey team, that plays at the Haynes Pavilion as well as several popular rinks for hobby skaters.

And speaking of being an observer, have you ever gone to a ski area and not gone skiing? It’s quite entertaining. You can sit in the cozy lodge, sip on something tasty, and watch skiers young and old without ever needing to get out your long underwear.

The colder it is, the more the morning frost builds on the trees, especially around the foggy rivers. If you haven’t experienced the magic of Montana’s crystalline mornings, you don’t know what you are missing. Grab a camera and head out for a scenic drive or brisk walk – you won’t regret it. 

Most people probably think that all birds migrate away in the winter. Not true. The songbirds remain in force and since sound travels during colder temperatures, being outside is like being surrounded by nature’s symphony. And if that isn’t enough, we are enjoying an influx of raptors, particularly golden eagles – likely those that call Canada home. 

Whether you are rolling snowman body parts, lying flat on your back and flapping out a snow angel, or trying your hand at igloo making (ok, our snow probably won’t work for that) getting a little wet and then dipping in for an extended hot tub session is unique to the Rocky Mountain states.

So, if you are looking for an excuse to put on a pot of homemade chili or enticing soup, this is it. From comfy clothes to comfort food, everything about winter brings out just a little bit of the inner child. What’s not to love?

The opportunities for your next Montana adventure are unlimited and Cherry Creek Guest House is ready to serve as your home away.

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